Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greetings from Istanbul

The flight was technically 9hrs, but I consider it 14hrs because of the different time zones. Either way, the plane ride was too long for me. I almost puked halfway through because it was so bumpy. The flight attendant welcomed me with open arms and a delicious curry chicken, corn salad, a roll with butter, and a strawberry swirled cheese cake. It was pretty good for airplane food. Just kidding about the open arms though. I'm really not sure. They did however, had a killer British accent.

The plane from London to Istanbul took 5.5hrs. Better, but still long. The lunch/dinner was terrible...I had a penne pasta with a roll and a strawberry mouse. Ugh. You would think it would be delicious, but it tasted like cardboard.

This is the place we're staying at. It's pretty nice considering it being a hostel. There are so many stairs (no elevator). I live on the 2nd (I think...too many stairs to figure out the sets) with these folks minus three people. I live on the bunk with the blue mattress! We can see the Galata Tower from the window and it is breathtaking. When we first arrived, there were birds flying around the tip of it...at night! I took a picture, but it's real bad. If you'd like to see, see at the end. You can't really see the birds because my camera is not smart enough to capture the birds, but it's okay. Just imagine.

The shower room is two doors away. The lights in this hostel is triggered by lights. Just to start this off, I almost slipped to my death in the showers. As I was showering, the lights turned off and I freaked the F out and started panicking. I opened up the screen and started waving my arms to get the lights on again. As I was waving my hands in the air, I slipped a little and then the lights turned back on.

Here is my lunch from today. So delicious. It's called an "adap kabap" which is basically a kabob without the stick.

Baklava!!! The chocolate (in my opinion) was the tastiest! The one in the middle had pistachios. The one on the far right had almonds.

We rode this ferry across the sea just for kicks. It was a pretty good experience, except I was dozing off for the most part. Hey! It was a long day!

First off, there are a shitload of cats in Istanbul. HOOLLLLERRR! As you can see, I look hella scared in this picture and that's because I was. And you know why? Because of fleas! There are stray cats/kittens/dogs all over where we live so it is no wonder that I'd be freaked out. Fleas and I are not homies.

This is the Monument of the Republic. It's located in Taksim Square.

On a final note, I'd like to end the day with a blister between my toes. It freaking hurts like a ...bleeep. I am not sure how I am going to survive in the next few days because we will be walking a lot. I think I got it from walking for 1+ hrs with my flip flops that I was trying to break in. Bad idea.

Here's the picture of the birds that are supposedly flying around this building. It was an incredible sight that you'd have to see it for yourself.


  1. TIFFANY!! hahahah omg this absolutely made my day reading this. I'm so excited for you and looks like you have hella stories already! LOVE IT!!! ah your humor in this post kills me, I can totally picture everything you said in person haha. got me LOL'ing for real!! Keep it up!! I hope your blister goes away soon!

    Cheering you on from the states,