Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 3

We started off our day at 9am. Not too bad, but if only you knew that one tour lasted the entire day (until 7pm to be more specific). It was well worth it though, I learned some pretty interesting facts about Istanbul. The first picture is of a Catholic church. Apparently, they receive their revenue from the stores they own. There's actually a picture of some of the stores below the first one.

So we walked around some more. Walked walked walked. I could go on forever, but I want to get to the high lights of the day.

After a couple of hours of the tour we went to this restaurant called the Istanbul Culinary Institute. The interesting part of this lunch was that everything was pre-ordered except for the drinks. The first dish was a yogurt soup. It was all right, except it had a minty flavor. The second dish had a heart artichoke, mash potatoes, carrots, peas, and onions. This was pretty good. I really liked the potatoes. It had a sweet flavor. The third dish, which was also my FAVORITE dish in this entire meal had pita bread, meat sauce, yogurt, and meat balls. Last but not least, the desert. No idea what it was, some sort of custard. It had a neutral flavor so I couldn't compare it with any of the foods I've had before. Oh yeah, it was sprinkled with pistachios. :9

I lie. The last picture for my meal is this Turkish tea. Everyone here drinks it like all the time. It's like people in Seattle with Starbucks.

More tours. Eventually we went to the Istanbul Saphire which is this really tall tower that has about 50ish levels. When you reach to the very top of the building you can see a 360 degree view of Istanbul. Pretty awesome.

On a side note. I am really pushing for the no facebook thing until I get back. So, if you leave me a message on it anytime this summer, well, hope to get a response in August. The best way to contact me is through e-mail. I check it at least once before I go to bed.

How is my toe you wonder? It is doing a lot better. It doesn't hurt as much compared to yesterday and that's because I've been applying neosporin. I really want this blister to go away though. Thanks for caring. :)

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